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Our team of master artisans are specialists in the traditional manufacturing of nuts and processed nuts, mainly intended to the confectionery, ice cream, chocolates and related industries.

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El Viejo Almendro started working in processed almonds products more than 20 years ago, mainly for confectionery and ice cream industry, especially toasted and caramelized. Our main goal has always been a strict raw materials control in origin, and over the years we have achieved a wide range of products: pastes, pralines, crocants, marzipan, liquid almond nougat, caramelized, etc.

We work 100% nuts, without additives or dyes, simply natural products that we select with care and rigor directly from the producer, to offer you the best crops and the highest quality, both in almond derivatives (diced, sliced, slivered, flour) as in the rest of selected nuts such as pistachios, cashews and hazelnuts among others. We know that an excellent creation starts with a magnificent raw material.

Our industrial process is at the service of the master artisans team, that works with the specialized machinery necessary to process your products under order, so you can enjoy a freshly made product. We are located in Zamoranos, Córdoba. With more than 1,000 m2 of warehouse, where we process and distribute our products throughout Spain and abroad.


El Allozal

The brand is not chosen at random, "Alloza" means the primary fruit of the almond tree. That soft and edible seed, which is protected by the green and hard top, waiting for its maturation ... and that will become an appreciated Almond. And with that idea was born El Allozal, natural and healthy nuts, chosen of the highest quality and ready to incorporate them into your best recipes.

We also develop customized projects according to your needs, offering different levels of roasted and caramelized, as well as organic and conventional products.



Our commitment to quality is your greatest peace of mind. Every year we renew the BRC, IFS, Kosher and Organic certificates. We work always to obtain the best quality.


Product categories:

Paste, pralines

The best liquid format nut, 100% pure (paste) or with sugar (praline)


Our artisan product delights everyone, ask for our range with supreme almond

Roasted and fried nuts

Specialize in different levels of roasted and fried, tell us what you need and we will advise you

Crocants and Sugar coated

The traditional artisan process, taken to the maximum exponent with our almond caramels “garrapiñada”

Almond nougat

Toasted almond supreme liquid nougat, exquisite for your best creations

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